Thursday, July 15, 2010


its nothing more
than an incomplete essay
with loops and blanks
i have the task
to fill them all
the is what its meant for
that is to it all

and i am wrong sometimes
with the choice of words
i am rewarded for rights
and spanked for the wrongs
but now am askded to skip
to leave the blanks  empty
remain idle and surge forth
with doomsday assured

how would i score
when my attempt is empty
i was haunted in my dreams
a zero hanging from the wall
my digestive system  growled
how Could, how Can i miss it
it is only one chance
and i need to exist
and i chose to follow
my own instincts

some called me rebel
stubborn or stupid
but i ll fill each blank
with the word of my own
giving a meaning to
the essay of my life