Thursday, October 28, 2010


and when the unexpected befalls
and leaves a path not rived
when the mind chokes
and the heart cries
never thought was i
to be the one am i
to lose the thing i have
or rather had had
life spins and twirls
chipped walls swirl by
and its no longer you
its the dummy alive

Thursday, July 15, 2010


its nothing more
than an incomplete essay
with loops and blanks
i have the task
to fill them all
the is what its meant for
that is to it all

and i am wrong sometimes
with the choice of words
i am rewarded for rights
and spanked for the wrongs
but now am askded to skip
to leave the blanks  empty
remain idle and surge forth
with doomsday assured

how would i score
when my attempt is empty
i was haunted in my dreams
a zero hanging from the wall
my digestive system  growled
how Could, how Can i miss it
it is only one chance
and i need to exist
and i chose to follow
my own instincts

some called me rebel
stubborn or stupid
but i ll fill each blank
with the word of my own
giving a meaning to
the essay of my life

Saturday, April 3, 2010

love it is?

she was sultry
he was handsome
she was mellow
he was agile
they saw
they desired
they hooked
and  got booked
for the rest of their lives

love it is?

she was charming
he was adorable
she would read
he would watch
she would quote
he would yawn
and she was disappointed

love it is?

he would laugh his heart
she would smile
she wore checks
he liked stripes
he would joke
she would snide
and people called it love
and tied them up the altar

love it is?

she was unsure
he didn't care
but consumed in passion
of  the bodily lure
they succumbed to their instinct
and crochet the knot of marriage

love it is?

they were impassioned
they were insane
they were careless
they seldom refrain
he fervently kissed
she replied
and he was in her
that very night


of the numbness
at the time astride
it was a communion
of both bodies
hollow to the core
she never lived
from that very night

he was a player
she was taciturn
he tried
faced spite
he turned to places
to get sufficed
and she despised
the stinking man
lying beside

and they call it love
at first sight...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Write ...

just for the sake of writing
would not fetch a thing
when the hands move along
or rather type and throng
the keyboard
the  thoughts flow
and you write
with a warmth of glow

just for the heck of show
would mark you as a
shady scarecrow
standing in  a meadow
alone it is
none follows you back
neither gives a  critique

writing ...
just to pour your whole
which has purity and
sans things so foul
just truth and cognitions
 & deciphered mysteries
from the eyes of you
your  body and  soul

write to evacuate
the unease within
write to feel
unspoken zest within
write to express
things unsaid till now
write to write
no facade of  frontal vows

Friday, March 19, 2010


on the blanched pages of my Body
i have marked
there are
engraved at places
a kiss
a touch
a look
still etched in there
pitched with black

to live is to love
or in the love
i should live
where the blackness came
the source does exist
why the scars are their
on the skin so sheen
they are time begotten
painful and queer
a bath
an eraser
cosmetic lotions
can remove
which have absorbed
down deep?
in doubt
i lay
with the marks
i move

Monday, February 8, 2010

two lost teeth

i again passed by
heaved a deep sigh
it was  dingy & closed
my memories soared
to  the times i lived
flashed in the sight
i was laughing jostling
so young and nigh
laden in night blue dress
with frills at the fringe
oh crap!
i just fell from third storey
of the building
i jerked along
reminiscing memories
i landed on the shed
got up -swiveled, all dizzy
and again i fell
on the ground below
and that makes it two falls
in a single blow
lost two front teeth
what a shameful ordeal
i can c the visual
in the hospital seat
with people around
the pouring cries
i can remember so much
i cant still believe
i can still picture me
with 2 lost teeth

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

screech'd out

they pester me
r u gone mad
where r the traits
aint u the chaste?

a girl shud b sweet
sans flambouyance
look at u
u scuttling fire

u ought to lisen!
litsen ! listen 2 me!
no i wont ! i wont
i cant take
ur orders upon me

my frailness
don't u dare point on!
my conduct
put ur finger down!

i am an equal
a squeal
'equal to thee'
thou shant tramp
on my entity