Saturday, April 3, 2010

love it is?

she was sultry
he was handsome
she was mellow
he was agile
they saw
they desired
they hooked
and  got booked
for the rest of their lives

love it is?

she was charming
he was adorable
she would read
he would watch
she would quote
he would yawn
and she was disappointed

love it is?

he would laugh his heart
she would smile
she wore checks
he liked stripes
he would joke
she would snide
and people called it love
and tied them up the altar

love it is?

she was unsure
he didn't care
but consumed in passion
of  the bodily lure
they succumbed to their instinct
and crochet the knot of marriage

love it is?

they were impassioned
they were insane
they were careless
they seldom refrain
he fervently kissed
she replied
and he was in her
that very night


of the numbness
at the time astride
it was a communion
of both bodies
hollow to the core
she never lived
from that very night

he was a player
she was taciturn
he tried
faced spite
he turned to places
to get sufficed
and she despised
the stinking man
lying beside

and they call it love
at first sight...


  1. Brilliant! Loved the post!

    Its finally coming out ;)

  2. great ..excellent.. :)
    keep it up :)

  3. Nice one...:)

    Best wishes

  4. This might be true for so many.

    You wrote it very well.

    rolling you...

    take care

  5. Template is really very beautiful. Pink background is very soothing.

    Lovely poem. :) Love is expressed so well.

    Best wishes. :)

  6. hey chandrika :)
    glad u liked it, poeple are generally confused between love and lust (which is totality normal and happening in actual) . this is just one example of it :)

  7. hey awesum piece of poetry....very sensitive and touchin! keep up the good work payal!....

  8. I simply loved the creation! Too good!