Monday, February 8, 2010

two lost teeth

i again passed by
heaved a deep sigh
it was  dingy & closed
my memories soared
to  the times i lived
flashed in the sight
i was laughing jostling
so young and nigh
laden in night blue dress
with frills at the fringe
oh crap!
i just fell from third storey
of the building
i jerked along
reminiscing memories
i landed on the shed
got up -swiveled, all dizzy
and again i fell
on the ground below
and that makes it two falls
in a single blow
lost two front teeth
what a shameful ordeal
i can c the visual
in the hospital seat
with people around
the pouring cries
i can remember so much
i cant still believe
i can still picture me
with 2 lost teeth

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