Friday, January 22, 2010

Blinded eyes

Beware ! lest u go too deep
n burn in the glum  ire
the sea of misery floats on the lids
the mist formed above the iris
they speak at tyms
when i m rendered speechless
no words to convey how  i feel
a look  so deep it pierce inside
to the very deapth of my being
the crazy passion that i  devoured
was the intoxication of ur sight
yet now the misery embeds deep
love is  opaque to my eyes.

 i warmed in it the glaze of  your gaze
my spirits soared underneath
i found the sea of gleaming diamonds
and thought 't was all i 'd ever need
the eyes that saw the  hazel hues
was the crust of the shallow sheen
there wasnt love,  just a mere facade
 lust glossed with love of a feen.

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