Friday, January 22, 2010

idee fixe

there was  no mirth there was no  joy
just left as mere destiny's ploy
wandering drift
along  i swift
i revolved on life's tangled labyrinth...

behold! dont let it go
says 2 me, one part  of my soul ,
but the ego doesnt succumb to desire
anger and angst produce fire
and it failed , got  lost in gyre ...

but i have chosen to stand by
on the heap of moments i have ever cried
the grains of joy i felt coz of thee
the boulder of agony i  have heaved
i stand erect on all gone by

i have screamed and whimpered
in  angst and fright
yet my steps progressed
keeping all aside
u stumbled and found a lifting hand
yet u left all things way behind
in the vain vanity and shallow pride
u stagged yourself out of the tribe
i have brushed along your spiny words
the bruises are there , they' ll forever hurt
yet i chose to pile the cherished , awhile
the morsels of love i saved aside
the resolve to never be one of thy
i stand pedastalized
to things so petty and sly

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