Monday, January 18, 2010

vowed to the "bimbo"damsel :)

Bimbo! Bimbo!
why were you born
why did god send u here
the whole earth yawns

DoDo watch above
the sky is blue
u snooze till late
wi get up at cow's moo?

u  do walk in strides
and  the feet turned out
with  a blooper satchel
how do  you do that pout!

why r u laughing now
wen all have hushed by
dodo bimbo grow up
stop being a foolish pry

but its you bimbo
who makes my world so bright
in your abysmal innocense
i see a  pristine  life

wen all is filth till brim
scum, evil and gross
with  ur twinking smile
oh dear! my heart aglows

coz u r a nincompoop
that i cannot deny
but its u DoDo
The gleam of my life

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